Sue has produced a new series of works [See Above] FACES AND PLACES OF THE WORLD.
These are about Sue’s travels and the inspiration that she has gleaned from different situations.

Dominatrix - An Allegorical Journey about Girl Power.

A Berber Market in Marrakech - These markets are full of all the things that are needed by these North African people and together with the smells and everyday bustle against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains this is a subject Sue is often inspired to paint.

Singer from New Orleans - Jazz features in many of Sue’s Paintings. She has visited many of the famous Jazz Clubs around the world and never tired of their music and innovation.

Ex Prisoner 337/88 from Robben Island - This gentleman and many of his fellow prisoners became guardians of the history of apartheid. They showed us around the island prison they inhabited for so long; many of them broken by their experiences.

BalletBoyz – They perform at Sadlers Wells and internationally and are known for their creativity and exceptional talent.

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